Dear Students,

We kindly inform that students who plan to do summer internship in Wroclaw are required to sign up for the pre-list – PLEASE INFORM YOUR SUPERVISIOR IN ED OFFICE VIA E-MAIL. We have to know how many of you want to do it in Wroclaw - deadline to sign up for the pre-list is until 31th March 2022 !

Sign up for pre-list  for summer internship in Poland - it means, that you can inform us, that you would like to do your internship in Poland during summer, but it is not a guarantee of a spot to internship. We have to find out how many students would like to do internship in Poland. The proper enrollment for summer internship in Poland will be held, when we will know exact dates and hospitals in Wrocław, where internship will be organised - around June 2022.

Please remember, that only people, who has valid medical test and sanitary and epidemiological examination can put their names for pre-list.

All students who want to do summer internship abroad MUST fill in the 'Request for consent to organize an internship on one's own' (forms are aviailable on our website):

EDM - Vocational Internship | English Division (

If you have 2 parts, you have to fill out 2 requests, seperate for each.

We won't accept the confirmation if you don't get the acceptance before!!! We inform that the deadline for a consent to organize an internship on one's own, based on the submitted request is until March 31th 2022 – it is LAST CALL for people who would like to do their internship on one’s own – please deliver completed requests until March 31th 2022.

It's not acceptable to skip the programme. If you won't do summer internship according to the programme, you will have to fill in the request for conditional enrolment, and PAY for the subject. Due to the Study Regulation if it will be your 3rd subject you will have to repeat the year.

All student who haven't done summer internship in previous years MUST fulfill it this year!!!

Kind regards,

ED Staff