Due to the dynamic nature of the pandemic, the mandatory internal "university quarantine" for fully vaccinated individuals is upheld.

University quarantine applies to vaccinated individuals who have had high-risk contact with an infected person.

Reporting this type of contact (through the form in Path 2) should also result in either reporting for testing (to confirm or rule out infection after high risk contact) or reporting the contact to the Sanitary Inspectorate.

The test should be performed on the LAST DAY of the university quarantine unless symptoms of infection occur earlier (in which case the test should be performed immediately and suspected infection should be reported in the path 3).

University quarantine means refraining from stationary classes/work at WMU. This obligation applies to students, PhD students, University employees. The length of the University quarantine depends on whether the high-risk contact is still ongoing or has stopped:

Vaccinated persons who have had high-risk contact with an infected person, but the contact was a one-time event or there is was opportunity to isolate themselves from the infected person, will be quarantined for 5 days beginning the day after the contact with the infected person.

EXAMPLE: High-risk contact on Friday à quarantine = Sat+Sun+Mon+Tue+Wed + test on Wednesday

Vaccinated persons who have had contact with an infected person, but the contact continues and there is no possibility of isolation from the infected person (e.g., sharing a flat), will be quarantined for a [duration of isolation of the infected person] + 2 days.

EXAMPLE: Isolation of the infected person: 10th-20th of Januaryà quarantine for a flatmate 10th-22nd of January + test on 22nd of January

A necessary condition for justifying the absence of employees from work and students from classes, tests, and exams is the submission of a certificate of quarantine/isolation (within the meaning of generally applicable regulations) to the teacher/examiner, respectively.

Remember that every case of Sars-Cov-2 infection/ every contact with infected person/ symptoms should be reported by the appropriate form:

COVID English Division coordinator: dr Alicja Basiak-Rasała email:

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