We would like to remind that the pediatric test exam for 6th year students of English Division will take place on 19/05/2022 at 9.00 at the  lecture hall A and B of Scientific Medical Information Centre (The Main Library) at Marcinkowskiego Street 2-6.

Please be there at least 30 minutes earlier- at 8.30.

What to take with you (obligatory):

1. Student‘s index and additionally one more valid  ID document with photo (i.e. passport).

2. Writing supplies (pen with blue or black ink).

Attention: Using any electronic devices (eg mobile phones, i-pads, etc.) during the test exam is prohibited. In case of finding the use of the above devices by the student, the exam is completed with an insufficient grade. During the test  using any teaching and / or didactic aids is not allowed.

The lecture halls can be recorded using image recording devices during the test. In the case of determining, after completing the exam, the fact that the student used the above mentioned unauthorized help and / or electronic devices, the student may receive an unsatisfactory mark.

The pediatric test exam is obligatory for all students who  received the credit from pediatric subject.

The test consists of 100 single-choice questions. The test duration is 100 minutes from the start of the test.

Assessment thresholds from the test:

Satisfactory grade (3.0) 60-69% correct answers

Fairly good (3.5) 70-79% correct answers

Good (4.0) 80-86% correct answers

More than good (4.5) 87-93% correct answers

Very good (5.0) 94-100% correct answers

The final mark of the pediatric exam is the arithmetic mean of partial grades (test exam and oral exam). The condition for passing the pediatric examination in the first term is to obtain a positive result of both parts of the exam. If the student will obtain the negative result from the test part of the pediatric exam , this will result in negative mark from the first term and the oral part of the exam will be tereated as the second term.

Persons who due to unfortunate reasons could not take part in the exam on 19/05/2022, after presenting obligatory consent of the English Division Dean until 26/05/2022 at the secretary's office of 1st Clinic of Pediatric, Allergology and Cardiology (Chalubinskiego 2a, first floor) have the possibility to write the test on 30 May 2022. at. 09:00 in the Pediatric Lecture Hall, ul. Chałubińskiego 2a.

Pediatric exam regulations

Under the authority of the pediatric coordinator

Barbara Sozanska MD

1st Clinic of Pediatric, Allergology and Cardiology