Academic year 2020/2021
1st to 5th year dentistry -  2020/21

Academic year 2019/2020
1st year dentistry - 2019/20 curriculum
2nd year dentistry - 2019/20 curriculum 
3rd year dentistry - 2019/20 curriculum
4th year dentistry - 2019/20 curriculum
5th year dentistry - 2019/20 curriculum

After 2nd year students have to pass a collective exam in "Preclinical dentistry"
which includes subjects from 2nd year (Physiology of masticatory system,Dental materials,
Preclinical restorative dentistry, Preclinical endodontics) and Prosthodontics and Ergonomics from the 1st year.
More detailed description of the subjects can be found here.

Academic year 2018/2019
1st year dentistry- 2018/19curriculum
2nd year dentistry- 2018/19curriculum
3rd year dentistry- 2018/19curriculum
4th year dentistry- 2018/19curriculum
5th year dentistry- 2018/19curriculum

Academic year 2017/2018
1st year dentistry 2017/2018 curriculumu
2nd year dentistry 2017/2018 curriclum
3rd year dentistry 2017/2018 curriculum
4th year dentistry 2017/2018 curriculum
5th year dentistry 2017/2018 curriculum

Sylabus - instrukcja 2016-2017