Recomendation of the WMU Crisis Management Team and recommendations for students and employees of the Wrocław Medical University concerning the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection in the summer semester 2021/2022.

Recommendations of the WMU Crisis Management Team

The Regulation of the Council of Ministers of March 25, 2022 removes the obligation to cover the mouth and nose with a mask in rooms, except those where medical activities are carried out, but the WMU Crisis Management Team still recommends the use of masks in all University buildings.

Graduates – stay in touch!

Admission and Graduate Career Path Monitoring Office invites all graduates to fill out the short form. Submit your email address to take part in surveys, receive information on initiatives for graduates and offer of postgraduate courses.

Results of the Stage I of the "Teaching in the shadow of the pandemic" competition

Dear Students,
we would like to inform you that until 23rd May 2022, students can vote and decide to award prizes in the "Teaching in the Shadow of the Pandemic" competition. We know the results of the Stage I, we know which academic teachers will compete for awards. Here is the list of participants:

General university units
dr Jakub Dąsal
dr Aureliusz Kosendiak
dr Agnieszka Olchowska - Kotala
mgr Iwona Polanicka

UMW - konkurs na ciekawostki/WMU - curiosities contest

PL Zbieramy ciekawostki do kampanii promocyjnej. Konkurs dla studentów, doktorantów i pracowników./ENG We collect interesting facts about WMU to use in a promotional campaign. Contest for students, PhD students and employees.

"Didactics in the shadow of the pandemic" competition - students can vote!

Dear Students.
From Thursday 14th April 2022, students of the Wroclaw Medical University can submit their candidates in the Didactics in the Shadow of the Pandemic competition. The competition aims to reward outstanding academic teachers.

EU Careers Student Ambassadors program

Dear Students.
The "EU Career Ambassadors" program aimed at students of our university is just starting. If you are a student keen to promote EU careers on your university campus then why not apply to become a voluntary EU Career Student Ambassador?

As part of the experience, you will be able to:

Recommendations for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infections -summer semester 2021/22

Dear Students,
we would like to inform you regarding new recommendations for the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infections in the summer semester of 2021/2022. Please note that each of you must complete an electronic declaration of acquaintance with this procedure. HERE is the link to the declaration, and here you will firn the RECOMMENDATIONS

Best regards, ED Staff

Sars-Cov-2 - Updated contact procedure

In reference to the changes resulting from the introduction of the new regulation of the Ministry of Health of 10th Feb 2022 (Dz.U. 2022 poz. 354), the university procedures have been updated. Please familiarize yourself with the changes.

WMU employees and students are reminded of their obligation to report incidents of infection or contact with an infected person. While sending the form, student/employee will receive feedback regarding isolation, quarantine, or self-monitoring guidelines that will be tailored to the information provided on the reporting form.

Vice-Rector's letter

Dear Students,
in connection with the position presented by the students regarding the winter examination session, the Vice-Rector for Educational Affairs prof. Agnieszka Piwowar prepared a letter, that can be found HERE
Best regards, ED Staff

Winter examination session - Urgent information!

Dear Students,
in connection with the pandemic situation, hereby we present the guidelines for examinations and finals in full-time courses at WMU for the winter 2022 exam session: Guidelines. Appendix 1
Best regards, ED Staff