1st year medicine
dr Zygmunt Domagała
e-mail: zygdom@o2.pl, zygmunt.domagala@umed.wroc.pl
facebook - link

2nd year medicine
dr Anna Palko-Łabuz
email: anna.palko-labuz@umed.wroc.pl

3rd year medicine
dr Marcin Czarnecki
email: marcin.czarnecki@umed.wroc.pl

4th year medicine
dr Romualda Wojczys
e-mail: romualda.wojczys@umed.wroc.pl

5th year medicine
dr Elżbieta Trypka
email: elzbieta.trypka@umed.wroc.pl

6th year medicine
dr Kinga Niewińska
e-mail: kinga.niewinska@umed.wroc.pl

LIST OF TEACHERS WHO SIGN INDEX IN ACADEMIC YEAR 2018/2019 is in your curriculum.

SCHEDULES 2018/2019

1st year Medicine

2nd year Medicine

3rd year Medicine

4th year Medicine

5th year Medicine

6th year Medicine

SONA - Evaluation form of student assessment of academic instructors
Attendance card Psychiatry 5th
Attendance card Psychiatry 6th
Chart of Classes - Internal Medicine