Travel to Wroclaw

By plane
from Warsaw - 1 hour flight
from Copenhagen - 1,5 hour flight
from Frankfurt - 2 hour flight
Copernicus Airport Wroclaw is located south-west of the city, about 10 km from the centre. You can get there by bus line 106 or by taxi.

By train
From Warsaw - 5 hours
From Berlin - 6 hours
From Cracow - 4,5 hours
From Prague - 7 hours
The central railway station is situated in the city centre (Józef Piłsudski Street). It has direct connections with all major cities of Poland and several cities of Europe, including Prague, Berlin, Leipzig, Frankfurt/M, Kiev.
The timetable is available at,,

By bus
The central bus station is located at the back of the central railway station. It serves intercity lines as well as local ones. Buses of companies transporting passengers to/from all major European cities stop there as well.