Key information about volunteering

Volunteering and remote learning
If you act as a volunteer as part of a college coordinated volunteer service that requires your presence on the bbb, Teams or other platform, you have an excused absence. However, this does not release you from the obligation to make up for the material provided during such classes and complete the classes in the form agreed with the teacher. If you organise your own volunteering, you are required to participate in stationary and remote classes.

How to apply for volunteering
Follow the announcements published at https://www.ed.umed.wroc.pl/medicine-volunteering and apply by e-mail or by phone to the appropriate unit.

Forms of volunteering
Activities undertaken by students themselves.
You can organize volunteering by your own in your country. Please note that :
6th year students of the medical faculty collect and fill in applications which already contain a list of practical skills carried out within the framework of particular subjects included in the 6th year program. Students of the remaining years after determining the clinical subject, the practical effects of which are to be passed as part of volunteering, complete the list of practical skills using the syllabuses of selected subjects. This list must contain a full set of practical skills listed in a given syllabus.
You can independently communicate with any center and undertake activities as part of volunteering. Remember to sign a volunteer agreement that regulates the rights and obligations of the parties. Remember that if you take up volunteering on your own, you will not be released from the need to participate in classes conducted on-site as well as those using distance learning methods and techniques.

Coordinated directly by the university
The university coordinates actions co-created in consultation with the Ministry of Health, the Marshal's Office, the Voivodeship Office and other public offices or as part of the needs of university units. All needs reported to us will be communicated on the university's website: https://www.ed.umed.wroc.pl/medicine-volunteering. Volunteering coordinated by the university guarantees an excused absence from remote classes and the possibility of completing the learning outcomes within the framework of practical classes and/or traineeships.

Volunteering and completing learning outcomes within the framework of compulsory classes and traineeships
Whether and to what extent volunteering entitles you to complete classes and traineeships provided in the curriculum is considered individually by your Dean.
For details, see the letter of the Vice-Rector for Students and Educational Affairs

  1. Download the application form from the Faculty's website, fill it out and send a scan to the Faculty coordinator for approval by the Dean. The Dean will inform you whether they granted or refused to grant a consent.
  2. Submit the original application to the unit in which the volunteering was carried out in order to confirm your volunteering activities.
  3. Remember to sign a volunteer agreement with the unit in which you are volunteering.
  4. Submit the application together with attachments 1 and 2 containing the confirmation of the completion of the indicated learning outcomes to the appropriate Dean in order to complete practical classes or traineeship.

NOTE! The condition for obtaining a credit is the completion of all practical outcomes within a given subject.

Where to look for information?
The situation is dynamic and the activities for which volunteers are needed are constantly evolving. However, volunteers are often needed "on the spot". If you want to be up to date with such proposals, you can subscribe to the contact database today. You will receive an e-mail and a text message when we are urgently looking for volunteers. SUBSCRIBE TO THE CONTACT DATABASE.

Volunteer Agreement
You sign the agreement on site, on your first day of work. It provides, among other things, for an insurance and a guarantee of receiving appropriate personal protective equipment.

Who to contact in case of questions
If you are hesitant and have questions about the terms and conditions of the agreement and the course of volunteering itself, you can ask them to the Coordinator, that is, for studies in English, prof. dr hab. Beata Sobieszczańska

The procedure for applying for volunteering

Application for volunteering in the academic year 2020/2021

Annex 1

Annex 2

Volunteering agreement


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