Optional course "Preventive care in family medicine" - free places

Dear ED students,

At this moment there are two places available for the optional course "Preventive care in family medicine".

The course will take place:
25.04.2022 (Monday) at 16.00-19.45 with dr Maria Bujnowska-Fedak at family practice at Syrokomli 1, room 120 ,
26.04.2022 (Tuesday) at 15.00-18.45 with dr Bartosz Sapilak at out-patient clinic: Wrocław, Ostrowskiego 3, room 283.

"Didactics in the shadow of the pandemic" competition - students can vote!

Dear Students.
From Thursday 14th April 2022, students of the Wroclaw Medical University can submit their candidates in the Didactics in the Shadow of the Pandemic competition. The competition aims to reward outstanding academic teachers.


Dear Students,

We would like to inform you, that all students who applied for 11th semester in Germany are obliged to deliver evidence of their knowledge of German language (e.g. copy of a certificate - original to be submitted - for German people the ceritificate is not required).

Students will be informed about results of recruitment only after delivering all necessary documents.

Kind regards,
ED Staff

VOCATIONAL INTERNSHIP IN GOERLITZ - 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th year

Dear Students,

We would like to inform you that we have started enrolment for summer internships 2021/2022 at the Goerlitz Clinic.

We are accepting internship applications at the ED Dean's Office until April 29th 2022 (you must submit an internship application yourself with the first part of the application completed, with a current phone number and the proposed date as shown in the table). The available dates are available here.

Free spots - ED Medicine - optional subjects

Dear ED students,

There are still some places left on the optional courses organized in the Department of Population Health:

1) Nutrition and noncommunicable diseases (10h)
Course organized on: 4.04, 11.04, 25.04 (Mondays) at 13:00

2) From malnutrition to obesity - background, consequences (10h)
Course organized on: 9.05, 16.05, 23.05 (Mondays) at 13:00

3) Alternative diets (10h)
Course organized on: 10.05, 17.05, 24.05 (Tuesdays) at 13:00

Location: Department of Population Health Bujwida Street 44 (building f3).

EU Careers Student Ambassadors program

Dear Students.
The "EU Career Ambassadors" program aimed at students of our university is just starting. If you are a student keen to promote EU careers on your university campus then why not apply to become a voluntary EU Career Student Ambassador?

As part of the experience, you will be able to:

OPTIONAL SUBJECT - "Laughter therapy"

Dear ED students,

There are still some places left on the Laughter therapy course.
The course time: 9 am on Tuesdays
Location: Geriatrics Clinic 2nd floor

In case of any questions, please contact the course leader : maria.kmita@umw.edu.pl

Best wishes,
Maria Kmita


Dear Students,

We kindly inform that students who plan to do summer internship in Wroclaw are required to sign up for the pre-list – PLEASE INFORM YOUR SUPERVISIOR IN ED OFFICE VIA E-MAIL. We have to know how many of you want to do it in Wroclaw - deadline to sign up for the pre-list is until 31th March 2022 !

OPTIONAL SUBJECT - „Immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy methods in evaluation of the morphology of various tissues and organs"

Dear Students,

We kindly inform You that there are still free places for the optional course entitled „Immunohistochemistry and electron microscopy methods in evaluation of the morphology of various tissues and organs" dedicated for I and II Year of study
If You would like to enroll in this optional faculty please send an email with Your surname, name, index number, and year of study to: katarzyna.haczkiewicz@umw.edu.pl

We cordially invite You
Best regards
Katarzyna Haczkiewicz-Leśniak

OPTIONAL SUBJECT - "Can we grow old in good health?"

Dear Students,

There are free places for the optional: "Can we grow old in good health?"
Students who would like to join this optional please contact with dr Joanna Żórawska (joanna.zorawska@umw.edu.pl).

Kind regards,
Dr. J. Zórawska